FIKO  Electron-beam metallurgical plant

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The man is blessed who believes in God Psalm 39:5

FIKO is a private industrial company, owner of titanium mill in Kiev, Ukraine, for melting titanium ingots with their further working into rolled titanium titanium bars, titanium tubes, titanium sheets, titanium plates, titanium wire.

titanium ingot titanium ingots

Titanium ingot/Titanium ingots

Titanium ingots

Grade 1 dia 630-800

Titanium ingot Grade 2 dia 630-800
Titanium ingots Grade 3 dia 630-800
Titanium ingot Grade 4 dia 630-800
Titanium ingots Grade 5 dia 370-800
Titanium ingot Ti6Al/4V dia 370-410
Titanium ingots 5V Alloy
Titanium ingot Grade 9


Our group is represented in the world titanium market for about 15 years.

FIKO is a member of International Titanium Association and International Tube Association.

We supply our products to numerous countries worldwide - Germany, France, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, China, South Korea, Turkey, India, Pakistan and other markets.

Our prime production are titanium ingots single melted by electron-bean method.

We offer supply of our titanium goods in large quantities by air, sea container, truck  as well as small quantities via courier post.

The range of titanium goods we can offer in both large and small quantities from our two warehouses - in Kiev (Ukraine) includes:

Under your specific order we will consider manufacture of

  • titanium hot rolled bars , titanium forged bars, titanium turned bars

  • titanium sheets 0.5 to 10mm thickness

  • titanium plates 11 to 100 mm thickness

  • Titanium seamless tubes, titanium welded tubes

  • titanium wire

  • titanium ingots

  • titanium slabs

  • titanium equipment - titanium heat exchangers, titanium tanks; titanium details - titanium rings, titanium flanges, titanium disks

  • titanium billets for casting and stamping



titanium bar titanium bars

Titanium bar/Titanium bars

Titanium bar VT 1-0
Titanium bars VT 1-0
Titanium bar Different alloys according GOST
Titanium bars Grade 1 dia 10-550
Titanium bar Grade 2 dia 10-550
Titanium bars Grade 3 dia 10-550
Titanium bar Grade 4 dia 80-550
Titanium bars Grade 5
Titanium bar Ti6Al/4V
Titanium bars Different alloys according GOST
Titanium bar Grade 9

titanium sheet titanium sheets

Titanium sheet/Titanium sheets 0.5 - 10.5 mm

Titanium sheets Grade 1
Titanium sheet Grade 2
Titanium sheets Grade 3
Titanium sheet Grade 4
Titanium sheets Grade 5
Titanium sheet Grade 9
Titanium sheets Ti6Al/4V
Titanium sheet 5V Alloy

titanium plate titanium plates

Titanium plate/Titanium plates 10 - 80 mm

Titanium plates Grade 1
Titanium plate Grade 2
Titanium plates Grade 3
Titanium plate Grade 4
Titanium plates Grade 5
Titanium plate Grade 9
Titanium plates Ti6Al/4V
Titanium plate 5V Alloy

ASTM GRADE Titanium sheets, titanium plates, titanium tubes, titanium ingots, titanium bars, titanium wire titanium pipes, titanium slabs, titanium slab:ASTM Grade 1 ASTM Grade 2, ASTM Grade 3, ASTM Grade 4, ASTM Grade 5 , ASTM Grade 6, ASTM Grade 7, ASTM Grade 9, ASTM Grade 12, ASTM Grade 13 ,  ASTM Grade 14, ASTM Grade 15, ASTM Grade 16, ASTM Grade 17, ASTM Grade 18, ASTM Grade 19, ASTM Grade 20, ASTM Grade 21, ASTM Grade 23, ASTM Grade 24, ASTM Grade 25, ASTM Grade 26, ASTM Grade 27, ASTM Grade 28, ASTM Grade 29 ASTM Grade 30, ASTM Grade 31, ASTM Grade 32, ASTM Grade 33, ASTM Grade 34 Titanium sheets, titanium plates, titanium tubes, titanium ingots, titanium bars, titanium wire titanium pipes, titanium slabs, titanium slab 


titanium wire titanium tube

Titanium tube / Titanium tubes

Titanium tube Grade 1
Titanium tube Grade 2
Titanium tubes Grade 3
Titanium tubes Grade 4
Titanium tube Grade 5
Titanium tubes Ti6Al/4V
Titanium tube Grade 9
Titanium tubes 5V Alloy
Titanium tube Alloys according GOST

Titanium wire

Titanium wire Grade 1
Titanium wire Grade 2
Titanium wire Grade 3
Titanium wire Grade 4
Titanium wire Grade 5
Titanium wire Ti6Al/4V
Titanium wire Grade 9
Titanium wire 2V Alloy
Titanium wire VT20

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